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Successful students are those who have good attendance and arrive to school on time every day. If students are to get the most from their education, they need to attend school 100% of the time.


Clearing an Absence

A parent or guardian must clear all absences with a note or a telephone call to the attendance office at 510-723-3905 option 9.

To clear an absence the following needs to be provided:

Student’s Name

Teacher’s name or room number

Date of Absence

Reason for Absence

Relationship to student

Student absences should be cleared within 72 hours in order to follow state guidelines.  After a student has 3 uncleared/unexcused absences, the student will be considered truant and a letter will be automatically generated from our district-wide truancy program.  Please help your student by encouraging good attendance patterns, and always clearing an absence when he/she is ill, or has missed school for any other reason.

Importance of Being at School Daily

Empty seats in a classroom indicate that students are missing out on learning and teachers are missing out on teaching those students! When they return, students have to work harder to catch up and teachers may have to disrupt current lesson plans to help them. Furthermore, when students return from absences they sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to catch up, and consequently, give up.

Disregarding school attendance policies in elementary school can lead to problems later on. One research study reports that sixth graders who miss just one day of school per week have a 75% chance of never graduating. So make every effort to get your child to school on time every day.