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Southgate Elementary School

Hayward Unified School District

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    From the Desk of Mr. White: 

    Raising Future Leaders; Touching Lives  
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    Our next Parent Teacher Association meeting will be January 16th at 6pm in the MPR. The PTA is focused on school beautification, providing fun/educational activities for our community, and providing more play equipment & structures for our students during recess. This year a special emphasis will be placed on improving the work environment for the students and assisting in integrating technology and art to enrich our students.

    Southgate’s English Language Advisory Committee will hold their next meeting Friday, January 25th at 8:30 in Rm 42. It will be a combined meeting with the Principal’s Coffee. Our ELAC is a very involved group of parents, who ensure our English Learners are receiving all the proper supports and accommodations that would allow equal access to the general curriculum.

    If you would like to be a part of these projects please come out and support.

    African American Student Achievement Initiative (AASAI) Parent Group will meet Thursday, January 31st in the Library Rm 25 from 6pm— 7:30pm.  This group of parents advocate for our African American children. The priority areas of AASAI are: 1) closing the achievement gap, 2) family engagement, 3) culturally responsive pedagogy and 4) school climate.

    School Site Council

    We will be holding our first School Site Council Planning Session of 2019 on January 22nd at 4:00pm in room 7 here at Southgate. It is imperative that we have as many parents as possible come to this meeting. The School Site Council plays an intricate role in developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The School Site Council also ensures all purchases made from federal or state funded resources are used appropriately. If you have the time, please join us. I really need to hear from parents in regards to what our students need to be successful. 

    Nutrition Workshops: Friday Mornings at 8:30-10:00am in room 42

    Posted 1/18/19

    Southgate Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball season begins January 19th. The Girl’s game begins at 8:30am and the Boy’s game tips off at 12:30pm at Sunset High School.

    Mid-Year Spirit Day: Monday, January 28th. Wear your Southgate gear!

    Minimum Days:

    February 15,19, 21, 22 & 25

    TK/K: 11:55am Dismissal

    Grades 1-6: 12:45pm Dismissal

    No School

    Monday, January 21st

    Monday, February 11th

    Monday, February 18th 

    Posted 1/18/19

    As we hit the midpoint of the year, the Southgate staff looks within to rededicate ourselves to our work of providing the best possible education to each and every student on campus with unconditional care and support. We want to rededicate ourselves to the continued pursuit of uplifting our community, building confidence in our students and developing a culture of success on campus – living by our Mission Statement… “In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.” 

    With that being said, it is time to re-establish our vision and goals for the 2018-19 school year. Our aim is to ensure each student receives the type of specialized support they need to be successful; ultimately leading Southgate to a second consecutive California Gold Ribbon Award. However, it will take a combined effort of parents, teachers and students to achieve our ultimate goal.

    I am asked all the time by parents, “What can we do to make sure my kid is successful in school?” My answer, the absolute most important thing you can do is make sure your child is here everyday and on time. Good attendance is paramount to success in school.

    Parents can help their students academically by doing a few things every evening:

    1) Make sure your students are getting the proper rest

    2) Ensure students are at school daily

    3) Read to your students daily (15 mins)

    4) Have your child read to you daily (15 mins)

    5) Ask questions about what you read and make predictions about what you think may happen next

    6) Make inferences about the characters personalities based upon what they do in the story and discuss how the character’s personalities could push the plot.

    7) Have your students review their basic math daily, i.e. 0-12 multiplication/division facts & single digit addition and subtraction. 

    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    I know I have said this before, but it’s the absolute truth….As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday has come and gone (January 15th), and we honor it on January 21th, we stop to thank Dr. King and those who stood with him for their sacrifices and commitment to the betterment of our society.

    It seems that every year around Dr. King’s birthday I find myself reflecting on whether I am living out “The Dream” that Dr. King had for all of us. I ask myself, “Am I ensuring that Dr. King’s, and other’s efforts are not in vain... would I be making those who came before me proud.” I guess the question is not for me to answer for myself, but for me to use these questions as daily reminders of the moral imperative we have as adults to be positive role models for the children who watch us so closely. I challenge all of us in the Southgate community to dream big, plan out our dreams, and not allow anything to get in the way of us achieving our dreams. As my father always said...Plan to work and work your plan. As a Southgate community let’s continue to strive for excellence and uphold high standards for educating our youth. At Southgate we are truly raising future leaders and touching lives in positive ways. I am so grateful for those who fought during the civil rights movement, so that my generation and the generation we are raising are afforded all the opportunities to fulfill all their highest potential.

    Posted 1/18/19

    From the desk of Mr. White:

    On April 2, 2018 California Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson announced that Southgate Elementary School is a 2018 Gold Ribbon Distinguished School Award Recipient. Only 21 schools in the entire Alameda County received this honor.

    The Distinguished School Award, known last year as the Gold Ribbon School Award, recognizes schools that have made significant gains in implementing the academic content and performance standards adopted by the State Board of Education, including standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, California English Language Development Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards. 

    I am very happy for the teachers, students and community. This is an awesome honor. This award recognition is a direct reflection of the trusting collaborative relationship that has developed between the parent community and our teachers. Our students should be very proud of their accomplishments. I congratulate the the Southgate students for their stick-to-it-ive-ness, hardwork and eagerness to learn.  I am also grateful for the support of our district leadership and parent community, who have been instrumental in helping Southgate develop a culture of confidence and success. Without their backing, the Gold Ribbon Distinguished School Award is unattainable. I sincerely thank the entire Southgate Community - it takes a village. But our work is not over - it's only begun. Southgate will not stop until 100% of our students are meeting or exceeding the standards on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

    Posted 10/8/18

    For Parents

    Southgate's Partnership with Soul Shoppe
    Soul Shoppe has been working actively in schools for the last seven years and is created by founders Joseph Savage and Vicki Abadesco who are seasoned educators with over 30 years of experience working with youth and adults.  Soul Shoppe provides interactive assembly programs that teaches students important skills to support them academically and emotionally through life. The skills will focus on problem-solving, conflict resolution, creating a community of learning and growth and defining and internalizing the character traits that create great communities and citizens. Throughout the year, we will have grade level workshops focused on a particular character trait.  Soul Shoppe will also conduct a school-wide anti-bully assembly and “Do Your Best” program. Soul provides two parent training events and two teacher in-services. The services Soul Shoppe provide are in alignment with current HUSD Board Goals and Southgate School's SPSA. Which promote safe, welcoming and inclusive schools. The purpose of this program is to develop common language/practice around behavior expectation and behavior modification. The desired outcomes for students are: 1) reduced classroom disruptions due to behavior, 2) help students gain the ability to communicate feelings - instead of acting out, 3) for students to develop the confidence to advocate for themselves, and 4) decrease bullying behaviors on campus. The desired outcomes for teachers are: 1) to increase classroom management strategies, 2) to develop a better rapport with parents and students, and 3) to gain the skills to communicate in a more relevant/effective way with their students. The objectives for the program:  Creating Optimal Learning Environments: A foundation of Respect Personal Empowerment: Awareness around choices we make Skill Building: To navigate life powerfully Community Enhancement: Promote empathy and high level of functioning for all Joyful Living: Encourage a sense of freedom in all we do
    Learn more about Soul Shoppe
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    mission statement

    In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills, and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.

    Southgate Elementary School has a philosophy and programs purposefully designed to meet the needs of students transitioning into adolescents.  We believe that all students should be exposed to comprehensive academic curriculum, guided by state and district standardsAll students participate in a rigorous academic program which maintains, reinforces and expands academic skills so all students can become productive, responsible, and compassionate citizens in our ever-changing community.