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Southgate Elementary School

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    From the Desk of Mr. White: 

    Raising Future Leaders; Touching Lives  
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    Measure H Bond Update on the Ongoing Solar Project in the District

    solar panels



    In early December of last year, the district shared the news regarding the launch of the solar program. Since that announcement, work has continued across district locations with several schools coming online or close to completion. Some of these facilities include East Avenue Elementary, Strobridge Elementary, Treeview Elementary, and Fairview Elementary. In addition to these four locations, work is ongoing at many of our schools with the process for installing the solar arrays in full swing. By the conclusion of this solar project, there will be a solar installation at nearly every active school within the HUSD.


    Provided for by the Measure H Bond program, the purpose of these large solar arrays is to provide nearly 100% of the required electricity demand for each of the school sites at which they are installed. This is why you will see larger installations at larger schools, such as our high school and middle school campuses. As a side benefit, the structures provide much-needed shade in parking lots, playgrounds, and common areas where they are placed. They will feature charging stations for electric vehicles, some degree of rain cover, parking lot lighting (where applicable), and are built to be durable and long-lasting.


    While many locations for the installations were easy to identify and came with natural benefits, others have been a challenge to place. The district is working with the local stakeholders of each school site to try and find the best possible solution for each installation. In some locations the choice of where to place the solar arrays is restricted by underground utilities, shade from trees and structures, perimeter restrictions, and building issues. Nevertheless, district administration is dedicated to finding workable solutions that balance benefit against impacts for all of the projects.


    Collectively, when completed at planned sites, the savings in annual electricity costs provided for by the solar panel installations will go back into the district’s budget for our schools. Early estimates indicate that this will provide for over $2M in annual savings for the district!


    This program is helping to provide HUSD students with cleaner electricity, better maintained schools, and a healthier planet!


    If you have questions or comments regarding the Measure H program, feel free to contact us at: MeasureH@HUSD.US

    Posted 5/3/19

    Congratulations to our 2019 Earth Day winners!!

    The students received awards from the Hayward City Council for their Earth Day Essays. They both earned first place in their grade level categories for their respective grades. This was a city-wide contest with over 700 participants. 

    We are very proud of Christine and Juan!

    Felicidades a nuestros ganadores de el Dia de la Tierra 2019!

    Los estudiantes recibieron este premio de parte de el Concilio de la ciudad de Hayward por sus ensayos hacerca de el Dia de la Tierra. Los does estudiantes ganaron 1er lugar en la categoria referente a su grado. Este concurso abarca toda la ciudad y tuvo mas de 700 participantes.

    Estamos muy orgullosos de Christine y Juan!


    Posted 5/3/19

    On behalf of the board of trustees, the superintendent, and the HUSD leadership team, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the recent facilities survey. We received responses in the thousands, and the information collected will be essential in helping the district make critical decisions on how to best exercise the funds from the Measure H bond program.


    “While we had a team of experts do an assessment of all our facilities at the beginning of this year, these survey responses provide great validation and elaboration on the specific challenges and issues facing our students, teachers, and parents who frequent these facilities every day. We are so very grateful for the active participation we received in completing these surveys.” - Allan Garde, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


    This May 8th, 2019, the board of trustees will hold a workshop to consider and review the findings of the expert assessment, survey results, and proposed projects for HUSD facilities under the Measure H bond program. Thank you for your survey participation. We look forward to the continued mission of making HUSD schools an amazing place to learn and grow.


    If you have questions or comments regarding the Measure H bond program, feel free to contact us at: MeasureH@HUSD.US

    Posted 4/18/19

     April's Grizzly Gazette 


    For the third year in a row Southgate has received an Excellence in Education Award from the publication Innovative Public Schools for our student achievement, specifically in the area of supporting the learning of our African and Hispanic American students. Southgate is one of only two schools in the Bay Area that is receiving this award for our work with both demographics. The awards ceremony will take place on April 27, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel San Francisco Airport from 10am-2pm.

    Innovate Public Schools, is a non-profit that works with parents across the Bay Area to advocate for high quality schools for all students, particularly those from underserved communities.  Each year, Innovative Public Schools recognizes the top performing schools for traditionally underserved students. Each year, the top 50 schools are honored. Southgate is one of only two schools that is being recognized for excellence in multiple categories. There were 1,252 schools considered for this award. Southgate was one of only 50 schools in Northern California to receive these honors.

    I am very happy for the teachers, students and community. This is an awesome honor. This award recognition is a direct reflection of the trusting collaborative relationship that has developed between the parent community and our teachers. Our students should be very proud of their accomplishments. I congratulate the Southgate students for their stick-to-it-ive-ness, hardwork and eagerness to learn.  I am also grateful for the support of our district leadership and parent community, who have been instrumental in helping Southgate develop a culture of confidence and success. Without their backing, the many awards we have received would be unattainable. I sincerely thank the entire Southgate Community - it takes a village. But our work is not over - it's only begun. Southgate will not stop until 100% of our students are meeting or exceeding the standards on all of our academic measures including the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).


    On Tuesday April 30th, two Southgate students will be honored by the Mayor and Hayward City Council for their participation in the city’s Earth Day Poster and Writing Contest. There were over 700 contestants. First grader, Juan Carlos Picazo, placed 1st in his division in writing. Second grader, Christine Batungbakal, also received 1st place honors in writing in her divison. Congratulations Juan and Christine. You make us all so very proud. This year the city judges made a new category: “Honorable Mentions.” Along with the first and second place winners, we will display the Honorable Mentions at the City’s Annual Clean-Up Day Event on Saturday, April 27th at Weekes Park where we will be turning the Weekes Community Center into an art gallery. The Southgate students who earn honorable mention are: Madina Mehdavi, Gabriela Olivas, Ahad Khan, Laythan Leonador, and Sana Wais.

    The African American Student Achievement & Excellence Awards are this weekend (APRIL 12th @ 5:30pm) at Chabot College. We have several students being honored at this event for their academic achievement, leadership, community services and artistic expression. Those students are Marcian Thompson, Noah Moran, Jaylen O’Guinn, Typhani Kamai, Aminah Dial, Makhai Barrett, Erica Robinson, Kylee Hill and Mark Gaskins.

    We also have students being honored at the Hayward Unified School District’s African American Recognition Night on Friday April 26th at 5:30pm.  These students will be honored for their academic excellence demonstrated on their report cards and CAASPP results. The Southgate honorees are:  Leilani Hatcher, Chiara Williams, Lelanie Brown, Jada Esty, Jeannell Kawolo, Hafsatu Savage, Brielle Taylor, Aminah Dial, Erica Robinson, Maya Williams, Marcian Thompson, Jaden Benson and Mark Gaskins.


    HUSD also is hosting its annual Latino Recognition Night on Monday May 13th 5:30pm. Southgate is proud to say we have 17 award winners. The criteria for this honor is very daunting. Honorees must be 6th graders, who received 19 + marks on their 2nd Trimester Report Card and Exceeded the Standard on the CAASPP in either English-Language Arts or Math. I want to send a heartfelt congratulations out to the following students: Adalis Ahumada, Xochitl Chavez, Angel Garcia, Josue Garduno Franco, Abigail Lopez, Catalina Madera, Joseph Rivera, Cyril Vargas, Avianna Gonzalez, Julian Hernandez, Dylan Munoz, Angel Rodriguez Esmeralda Barragan, Kevin Campos Ramos, Eduardo Flores, Michelle Ramos, and Oscar Reyes. Thank you. Continue to make the Southgate community shine!!!!!   

    We are also honoring one our PTA President, Veronica Herrera, in the month of May for her can-do attitude and commitment to providing family oriented activities for the community. Mrs. Herrera has proven to be consistent and committed to the work of supporting families and staff. Her tireless efforts have provided opportunities for many classrooms to go on field trips, experience exciting assemblies and participate in fun afterschool activities. Thank you Mrs. Herrera for your service. You are Southgate’s 2018 Hayward Hero Award Recipient. The Hayward Hero Award banquet will be held on May 9th Meridan Hangar Hayward Airport.



    Southgate has a big Earth Day Weekend planned. Our close partners Satya Sai Baba Center of Fremont will be leading school’s Value’s Day which will include games, music, art, coding, robotics, school beautification and gardening. The Event will be, Saturday April 27th, beginning from 9:00am-Noon. The Group will lead fun carnival activities and projects that demonstrate the school’s 8 Great Traits: Caring, Honesty, Citizenship, Responsibility, Problem Solving, Decision-Making, Integrity, & Respect.  



    Grizzlies! Interested in walking to school with your friends? Would you like to have fun getting to know your community? A few parents at Southgate are starting Walking School Buses, which are adult led groups of students and other family members walking to school together. We know that sometimes traffic can be challenging during drop off and pick up times. Crossing the street together is a really good way to help keep our community safe! Join one of the groups below! Note: Things come up - and sometimes, they can be unexpected! If a leader has not arrived within 5 minutes of the meeting time, please go ahead and walk to school or home. Grizzly parents! This is a fun way to help out at your school. Consider helping us grow our groups - come out and see how easy it is to help out!

    Group A meets at Chiplay Avenue and Chiplay Court

    Morning Meeting Time Monday and Wednesday at 8 am

    Afternoon Meeting Time Monday and Friday at 2:45 pm

    Wednesday at 1:45 pm

    Group B meets at Sleepy Hollow and Southgate Street

    Morning Meeting Time Monday - Friday at 8 am

    Afternoon Meeting Time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 2:45 pm

    Wednesday at 1:45 pm 


    Boletín del mes de Abril


    Por tercer año consecutivo Southgate recibió el Premio de Excelencia en Educación de parte de la publicación Innovative Public Schools por logros académicos, especificamente en el area de apoyos de aprendizaje para nuestros esudiantes Afro Americanos e Hispanos. Southgate es una de solo dos escuelas en el Área de la Bahía que reciben este premio por nuestro trabajo con las dos demografías. La ceremonia de premiación será el 27 de Abril del 2019 en el Hotel Hilton del Aeropuerto de San Francisco de 10am a 2pm.


    Innovate Public Schools es una organización sin fines de lucro que trabaja en colaboración con padres de familia a través del Área de la Bahía para abogar por escuelas de alta calidad para todo estudiante, particularmente para aquellos de comunidades marginadas. Cada año, Innovative Public Schools reconoce a las escuelas con mayor rendimiento de parte de estudiantes tradicionalmente marginados. Cada año, las mejores 50 escuelas son reconocidas. Southgate es una de solo dos escuelas que es reconocida por excelencia en multiples categorias. 1,252 escuelas fueron concideradas para este premio. Southgate es una de solo 50 escuelas en el Norte de California que recibirá este honor.


    Estoy muy contento por los/las maestros, estudiantes y comunidad. Este es un gran honor. Este premio es una refleccion directa de la relacion de colaboracion confiable que se ha desarrollado entre la comunidad de padres/madres y nuestros maestras/os. Nuestros estudiantes deben estar muy orgullosos por sus logros. Felicito a todas/os los estudiantes de Southgate por su perseverancia, arduo trabajo y entusiasmo por aprender. También, estoy agradecido por el apoyo de parte del equipo de liderazgo del distrito y la comunidad de padres/madres, que han sido fundamental para poder desarrollar una cultura de confianza y exito en Southgate. Sin el respalado de ustedes, estos logros no serían posibles. Sinceramente agradezco a toda la comunidad de Southgate – se necesita un pueblo. Pero, nuestro trabajo no termina aquí, nosotros apenas comenzamos. Southgate no parará hasta que 100% de nuestros estudiantes alcancen o excedan los estandares de todas las medidas académicas incluyendo la Prueba del Rendimiento y Progreso de los Estudiantes de California (CAASPP, por sus siglas en inglés).


    El Martés 30 de Abril, dos estudiantes de Southgate serán

    reconocidos por la alcaldesa y la Cuidad de Hayward por su participación en el Concurso local de Poster y Escritura por el Día de la Tierra. Participaron más de 700 estudiantes. Juan Carlos Picazo, 1er grado, gano primer lugar en su categoría de escritura. Christine Batungbakal, del 2o grado, también recibe este honor al colocarse en 1er lugar en su categoría de escritura. Felicidades Juan y Christine. Estamos muy orgullosos de ustedes. Este año los jueces de la cuidad crearon una categoría nueva: “Menciones Honorables”. Estaremos mostrando el trabajo de los ganadores de 1er y 2o lugar, así como también el trabajo de los ganadores de Menciones Honorables este Sabado 27 de Abril durante el evento de Limpieza Anual en el parquet Weekes, el Centro Comunitario de Weekes sera transformado en una galería de arte. Los estudiantes con Menciones Honorable de Southgate son: Madina Mehdavi, Gabriela Olivas, Ahad Khan, Laythan Leonador, and Sana Wais.


    La ceremonia del premio de “Excelencia y Rendimiento de estudiantes Afro Americanos” AAREA por sus siglas en Inglés) sera este Viernes 12 de Abril a las 5:30pm en Chabot College. Varios de nuestros estudiantes seran reconocidos durante este evento por su rendimiento académico, liderazgo, servicio a la comunidad y expresión artistica. Estos estudiantes son: Marcian Thompson, Noah Moran, Jaylen O’Guinn, Typhani Kamai, Aminah Dial, Makhai Barrett, Erica Robin- son, Kylee Hill and Mark Gaskins.


    También tenemos estudiantes que serán reconocidos durante la Noche de “Reconocimiento de Familias Afro Americanas del Distrito Unificado de Hayward” el Viernes 26 de Abril a las 5:30pm. Estos estudiantes serán reconocidos por su excelencia académica reflejada en sus boletas y resultados de la prueba de CAASPP. Los estudiantes que reciben este honor son: Leilani Hatcher, Chiara Williams, Le- lanie Brown, Jada Esty, Jeannell Kawolo, Hafsatu Savage, Brielle Taylor, Aminah Dial, Erica Robinson, Maya Williams, Marcian Thompson, Jaden Benson and Mark Gaskins.


    HUSD será anfitrión de la fiesta anual “Noche de Reconocimiento Latino” el Lunes 13 de Mayo a las 5:30pm. Southgate esta orgulloso de tener 17 ganadores. El criterio para este honor es muy abrumador. Los estudiantes reconocidos deben ser del 6to grado, recibir más de 19 marcas en sus boletas del 2o trimestre y superar el nivel estandar en la prueba de CAASPP, ya sea en Inglés-Lenguaje Artístico o Matématicas. Envío una calurosa felicitación a los siguientes estudiantes: Adalis Ahumada, Xochitl Chavez, Angel Garcia, Josue Garduno Franco, Abigail Lopez, Catalina Madera, Joseph Rivera, Cyril Vargas, Avianna Gonzalez, Julian Hernandez, Dylan Munoz, Angel Rodriguez Esmeralda Barragan, Kevin Campos Ramos, Eduardo Flores, Michelle Ramos, y Oscar Reyes. Gracias. Continúen para que nuestra comunidad de Southgate siga brillando!!!!


    Estaremos haciendo un reconocimiento especial para nuestra Presidenta de PTA, Veronica Herrera, en el mes de Mayo, por su actitud de “si se puede” y su compromiso de fomentar actividades familiares para nuestra comunidad. La Sra. Herrera ha sido consistente y compromentida en su labor de apoyo para familias y personal de la escuela. Sus esfuerzos incansables han logrado que muchos estudiantes hayan tenido la oportunidad de ir a diferentes excursiones, disfruten en asambleas emocionantes y participen en actividades divertidas después de clases. Gracias Sra. Herrera por su servicio. Usted es la ganadora del premio “2018 Hayward Hero Award”. El banquete de Hayward Hero Award será el 9 de Mayo en el aeropuerto de Meridan Hangar en Hayward.


    Día de la Tierra

    Southgate tiene un gran día planeado para El día de la Tierra. Nuestros compañeros del Centro de Satya Sai Baba en Fremont estarán liderando el Día de Valores que incluye juegos, música, arte, codificación, robotica, enbellecimiento de la escuela y jardinería. El evento será el Sábado 27 de Abril de 9:00am a 12:00pm. Este grupo liderara un divertido Carnaval de actividades y proyectos que demuestran las 8 grandes cualidades de Southgate: Cuidado, Honestidad, Ciudadanía, Responsabilidad, Resolver Problemas, Toma de Decisiones, Integridad y Respeto.


    Camina a la Escuela con Amigxs

    Grizzlies! Estas interesada en caminar a la escuela con tus amigos? Te gustaría conocer a tu comunidad de manera divertida? Algunos padres/madres de Southgate están comenzando un grupo “Camiones de caminata a la escuela”, que son grupos de estudiantes, liderados por adultos y miembros de familias que estarán caminando juntos rumbo a la escuela. Sabemos que a veces el tráfico es muy pesado durante las horas de entrada y salida de escuela. Cruzando la calle juntos es una manera muy efectiva de ayudar a que nuestra comunidad se mantenga segura! Uneté a alguno de los siguientes grupos!


    Nota: Sabemos que a veces pasan cosas y estas pueden ser inesperadas! Si la persona a cargo no ha llegado a 5 minutos de la hora acordada, por favor continúa caminando hacia la escuela o de regreso a casa. Padres y Madres Grizzlies! Esta es una manera divertida de ayudar a tu escuela. Por favor consideren ayudarnos a crecer estos grupos, vengan y vean que fácil es ayudar!


    Grupo A: punto de encuentro en la esquina de

    Chiplay Avenue y Chiplay Court

    Hora de encuentro por la mañana:

    Lunes y Miércoles a las 8:00am

    Hora de encuentro por la tarde:

    Lunes y Viernes a las 2:45pm

    Miércoles a la 1:45pm


    Grupo B: punto de encuentro en la esquina de

    Sleepy Hollow y Southgate Street

    Hora de encuentro por la mañana:

    Lunes - Viernes a las 8:00am

    Hora de encuentro por la tarde:

    Lunes, Martes, Jueves y Viernes a las 2:45pm

    Miércoles a la 1:45pm



    Posted 4/12/19

    5th grade students had the opportunity to explore and gain a deeper understanding of their connection to one another and the natural world. The outdoor school curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and includes the study of basic ecology, plant and animal identification, and human relationships with the environment.

    Go Grizzlies!  


    Posted 3/28/19

    A free, fun summer program for children in grades 4th through 7th which provides students with a combination of sports, and hands-on academic activities, while building a college-going identity.

    WHERE: Chabot College

    25555 Hesperian Blvd

    Hayward, CA 94545


    Posted 3/26/19

    For Parents

    Southgate's Partnership with Soul Shoppe
    Soul Shoppe has been working actively in schools for the last seven years and is created by founders Joseph Savage and Vicki Abadesco who are seasoned educators with over 30 years of experience working with youth and adults.  Soul Shoppe provides interactive assembly programs that teaches students important skills to support them academically and emotionally through life. The skills will focus on problem-solving, conflict resolution, creating a community of learning and growth and defining and internalizing the character traits that create great communities and citizens. Throughout the year, we will have grade level workshops focused on a particular character trait.  Soul Shoppe will also conduct a school-wide anti-bully assembly and “Do Your Best” program. Soul provides two parent training events and two teacher in-services. The services Soul Shoppe provide are in alignment with current HUSD Board Goals and Southgate School's SPSA. Which promote safe, welcoming and inclusive schools. The purpose of this program is to develop common language/practice around behavior expectation and behavior modification. The desired outcomes for students are: 1) reduced classroom disruptions due to behavior, 2) help students gain the ability to communicate feelings - instead of acting out, 3) for students to develop the confidence to advocate for themselves, and 4) decrease bullying behaviors on campus. The desired outcomes for teachers are: 1) to increase classroom management strategies, 2) to develop a better rapport with parents and students, and 3) to gain the skills to communicate in a more relevant/effective way with their students. The objectives for the program:  Creating Optimal Learning Environments: A foundation of Respect Personal Empowerment: Awareness around choices we make Skill Building: To navigate life powerfully Community Enhancement: Promote empathy and high level of functioning for all Joyful Living: Encourage a sense of freedom in all we do
    Learn more about Soul Shoppe
    student does homework

    mission statement

    In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills, and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.

    Southgate Elementary School has a philosophy and programs purposefully designed to meet the needs of students transitioning into adolescents.  We believe that all students should be exposed to comprehensive academic curriculum, guided by state and district standardsAll students participate in a rigorous academic program which maintains, reinforces and expands academic skills so all students can become productive, responsible, and compassionate citizens in our ever-changing community.