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VP Mrs. Beavers

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Southgate would like to welcome its newest member to our team, Yvette Beavers as Vice Principal. Ms. Beavers comes to us from Park Elementary School and has been an intricate member of the Hayward Educational Community since 2002. Ms. Beavers earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Tuskegee University and is a proud Made in Hayward Graduate from CSU East Bay—where she earned her Master’s Degree. Ms. Beavers is currently completing her course work to earn her doctorate degree and will be finishing her dissertation this Fall.

For years, Southgate has needed an assistant principal to support the our great work. We are blessed to have the ultra-talented Ms. Beavers. Please join me in welcoming her to the team. I know she will be an amazing asset and source of strength and wisdom for all who work with her. 




Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration

TK and Kindergarten registration will now take place at our new enrollment center, the Parent Resource Center Hub, located at 24823 Soto Road, Hayward.  The phone number is 510-723-3857, FAX 510-781-6105.

March 3rd – Registration Packet will be available at  Please complete the registration form online and print.

You must have an appointment to enroll your child.

If you need to complete an Open Enrollment Form, please submit a completed form between March 9th and April 17th.  Forms are available at


  1. To enroll a child in kindergarten for the 2015-2016 school year, your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2015.
  2. Your child must have a physical exam dated on or after March 3, 2015.
  3. All immunization records must be up to date as required by law.
  • Polio (4 doses at any age but 3 doses meet requirement for ages 4-6 if at least one was given on or after 4th birthday)
  • DTP (5 doses at any age but 4 doses meet requirement for ages 4-6 if at least one was given on or after 4th birthday)
  • MMR (2 doses, both on or after 1st birthday)
  • Hepatitis B (3 doses at any age)
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) (1 dose)
  1. Your child must have a birth certificate.  Passport or baptismal certificate may also be acceptable.
  2. You must have 2 separate documents showing the parent name and address.  Reasonable documentation includes but is not limited to any of the following:
  • Current Utility Bill
  • State Agency Mail
  • Housing Authority Voucher
  • Property Tax Bill
  • Current W-2 Form
  • Rental or Lease Agreement


Students turning 5 years old on or before September 1, 2015 will register for kindergarten.

Transitional Kindergarten:

Students turning 5 years old between September 2 and December 2, 2015 will register for Transitional Kindergarten.

School Events

7/13-8/10 School Closed

8/13-8/14 Pick-up School Packets

8/17-8/21 Return School Packets for 1st-6th Grades

8/24-8/25 View Class Assignments

8/26 First Day of School 1:25PM Dismissal

8/27-8/28 Minimum Days 12:25PM Dismissal

9/2 PTA Meeting 6:00pm in MPR

9/9 English Learner Advisory Committee 1:30pm in Room 8 

9/16 Back to School Night 6pm 

9/29 School Site Council Meeting 4pm in Room 25  


Summer 2015

Happy Summer!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and relaxing. I pray that you all are having a safe, yet fun summer. Students, please make sure you are spending 20-30 minutes daily reading. Parents, it is so important that we read to our kids and model to our kids that reading is important. Please remember, our kids learn more, from adults, based upon what we do—not what we say. Please continue to support the Southgate team by ensuring that our students are reading (a book) 20-30 minutes daily.

At the conclusion of the 2014-15 school year, there were several students who received awards who deserve a shout out.

The following are students who earned academic awards at the 2015 Latino Recognition Night, Young African American Student Awards Night, and the 6th Grade Awards Assembly: 

Latino Recognition Night

The following students earned 75% or more (+’s) on their report cards:

Diego Canizales, Mauricio Negrete, Alejandro Villanueva, Jasmine Villagomez Oliveres,Jasmine Godinez Gonzales, Rosa Olvera, Kiya Chace,

Esmeralda Lucatero, Maria Barragan, Yessenia Sanchez Reyes


Young African American Student Awards

The following students earned awards for academic excellence, service and/or performance art:

Destinie Abrams, Isaiah Brocks, Ayanna Coleman-Gullette, Tayshawn Dial, Zahara Foreman, Peyton Franklin, Kimberly Freeman, Kyara Garner, Anayia Henry, Allanah Mallin, Jerney Nelson, Kyla Quinney, Aaliyah Sanders, Roxzanne Stanton    

More Spring Award Winners........

Southgate is pleased to announce that four of our students were selected as winners in the 2015 City of Hayward Earth Day Poster and Essay Contest in late May!  The honorees were Angelo Mindanao and Mark Sarmiento who were selected as 1st place essay winners. While, Enrique Rodriquez was selected as a 2nd place essay winner, and Arsheya Chand was selected as a 3rd Place Essay Winner.

The students were invited to attend an Awards Presentation ceremony, on May 19, at the beginning of the City Council meeting. The winning posters and essays 


I would like to send out a special thanks to our local Boy and Girl Scout Troops who have done a lot to improve our school. Our Boy Scout troop built planter boxes for each grade level to start a garden. Our local Girl’s Scout groups led by Mrs. Shelley Anderson and Mrs. Elilah Cumero planted trees and plants in the planter boxes. Thank you for your efforts and supporting our goal of creating a more welcoming environment through school beautification.

Also an extra special shout-out goes to former Southgate Grizzly Isabelle Anderson  who earn her Scout’s Silver Award, by refurbishing all the school’s Halloween Carnival games.  Isabelle, we appreciate your service to Southgate!!!!!!! 

Be Courteous

As we move into the 2015-16 school year, let’s remember that we are a neighborhood school that has houses adjacent to us. Let’s be careful when driving down our local streets—monitoring speeds. Also, be cautious when parallel parking, there have been several occasions when I have received phone calls that Southgate visitors have parked in our neighbors drive ways. Finally, students, please discard all trash in trash cans and not on our neighbors lawns. Again, be nice and be courteous and we will all live happily ever after.  

Southgate's 2015 Hayward Hero Mrs. Jennifer Hendrix!!!!!

Congratulations to Southgate’s Jennifer Hendrix for being named the 2015 Recipient of the Hayward Hero Award!!!!! Thank you for your hardwork and dedication to the Southgate community.

In 2008, the Hayward Education Foundation launched the HEROES campaign to acknowledge those who believe as we do that children deserve the best – the best education possible. Today, our everyday activities are building our future –Hayward Heroes are investing in the future. 

For the past six years the Hayward Education Foundation has asked each school in the Hayward community to choose a “hero”, someone in the school who has gone above and beyond his or her usual duties to serve the school. A “hero” may be a teacher, office worker, parent, or a custodian, anyone who the school community feels should be recognized for his or her commitment to the students and school in general.

Academics at Southgate

As we ended the 2014 - 2015 school year, I would like to share with parents the rich recent history Southgate has had when it comes to End-of-the-Year assessments. Since 2010, Southgate has consistently performed within the Top 3 of all elementary schools in Hayward on End of the Year/Standardized Assessments. We plan this year to improve upon that tradition, as we strive for excellence. Below, you will find a synopsis of Southgate’s 2014 end of the year student achievement performance information in comparison to the rest of the Hayward Unified School District.

English Language Arts

In the spring of 2014, the Hayward Unified School District administered a summative assessment to all students 3rd-11th grade. Based upon the district's data, Southgate students 3rd - 6th grades met the district’s pre-determined standards for proficiency in English-Language Arts at a rate of 60.1%. The district percentage for proficiency in ELA based upon the summative assessment was 43.9%. Other schools within the same high school feeder pattern as Southgate performed at a 49% rate. Overall, Southgate performed 10% higher than the rest of the feeder pattern and 16% higher than the district as a whole.

In the spring of 2014, kindergarten students in HUSD took the Basic Phonics Skills Test. Based upon the results, 69.2% of Southgate kindergarten students met the proper proficiency level. Comparatively, only 31.8% of the kindergarten students district-wide met the predetermined proficiency standard, while 42.4% of the students attending other elementary schools within our feeder pattern are meeting the proficiency standard. At a glance, Southgate kindergarten students are performing 37.4% higher than the district average and almost 27% higher than it's neighboring schools. 

The Hayward Unified School District also administered a Reading Passages Assessment to all 1st and 2nd grade students. Based upon the results, 87.1% of Southgate 1st and 2nd grade students met the proficiency standards. District-wide, 74.9% of 1st and 2nd grade students performed proficiently on the assessment, while 81.4% of the 1st and 2nd graders attending our neighboring schools performed proficiently on the same assessment. Based upon the data, Southgate out-performed the district by 12% and its neighboring schools by 5.7%.


Last spring HUSD also administered a District Wide Math Test to monitor student progress and comply with state and federal accountability mandates. Based upon this 2014 math assessment, 65% of Southgate students (3rd-6th grade) met the predetermined district standards for proficiency. Comparatively, the district as a whole scored a proficiency level of 51.7%. The high school feeder pattern that Southgate belongs to performed at a proficiency level of 54.5%. 

Comparing Southgate to: 1) the district as a whole, 2) its three closest neighboring elementary schools, and 3) an elementary school within the district that annually ranks #1 or #2 in students’ achievement, Southgate performed reasonably well. Based upon the data, Southgate answered a higher percentage of correct answers in 17 of 20 categories of the multiple choice portion of the test. On the Written Response section of the assessment, Southgate outperformed the comparative groups in 19 of 20 categorize. 

Based upon data tabulated at the end of the 2013-14 school-year,

English Language Learners

These End of the Year assessments also affect the reclassification status of our students who are deemed English Learners. Based upon data since 2010 Southgate continues to reclassification a good percentage of students to English proficient each year.

Last year, Southgate reclassified 23.5% of it's English Language Learners. In comparison, The Hayward Unified School District reclassified 15.6% of HUSD ELL students, while Southgate's neighboring schools (High School Feeder Pattern) reclassified 18.9%. 

Based upon the data only 5.6% of Southgate ELL students are considered long term ELL students. In comparison, 18.9% of HUSD ELL students are considered long term ELL students, and 23.8% of our neighboring schools' ELL students are considered long term ELL students.

Southgate Elementary School was able to reclassify 38 students during the 2014-15 school year. That number is consistent with reclassification numbers since 2010. Southgate's yearly reclassification numbers consistently lands between the high 36 and low 42 per school year.


Pictures From Dr. Seuss Day


From the Desk of Mr. White

Dear Grizzly Parents,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. My wish is that you all have had the chance to get away or have made plans to get away before the start of the new school-year (August 26th). We are excited to announce that Southgate continues to grow as one of the top schools in all of Hayward. We have been working hard all summer planning curriculum, programs, assemblies and other fun activities to make this school year an even more special year for OUR children.

We are dedicated to the continued pursuit of uplifting our community, building confidence in our students and developing a culture of success on campus – living by our Mission Statement… “In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.” The Southgate School staff is committed to HUSD’s vision that all students will be prepared, challenged and motivated in a 21st century learning environment that develops the physical, intellectual and emotional success of all learners. At Southgate, our philosophy and academic program is designed to meet the needs of each and every students within our community.   

Southgate strives to be a pillar of strength in our community. We want excellence for our students and would like to provide as much support for our families as possible. Our goals remain steadfast. We plan to 1) be the highest performing school in the district and remain in that position, 2) surround our students and families with the support necessary to be successful, and 3) continue to build school spirit.       

The Southgate staff is committed to fostering healthy relationships with our parents.  In 2015-16, it will take parents and teachers working together to ensure OUR students reach their full potential. It has been proven that parent involvement is the most important factor in student success in school. It has also been proven that good attendance leads to improved classroom performance. Parents please remember good attendance is important to high student achievement. Please support us in making sure your student is at school daily.

We have many ways in which parents can get involved. We invite all parents to become members of our School Site Council, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), African American Parent Group, and/or volunteer in our Parent Center. 

At Southgate We:

Foster a warm, welcoming environment for all our families,

Build a foundation of confidence and culture of success,

Ensure high levels of student engagement in classrooms where instruction is multi-sensory and layered with all the necessary supports.

Mission Statement

In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills, and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.

Raising Leaders; Touching Lives

Southgate Elementary School has a philosophy and programs purposefully designed to meet the needs of students transitioning into adolescents.  We believe that all students should be exposed to comprehensive academic curriculum, guided by state and district standards .

All students participate in a rigorous academic program which maintains, reinforces and expands academic skills so all students can become productive, responsible, and compassionate citizens in our ever-changing community.

6th Grade Award Winners


Julianne Uganiza

Vocal Music

Jasmine Godinez Gonzales


Gabrielle Anderson


Yessenia Sanchez Reyes


Mason Huynh


Ridwanullah Yusufi


Kyara Garner


Harminder Dhami

Distinguished Effort

Jordan Liongson

Joseph Garcia

Jasmine Villagomez Olivares

Akash Sen


Esmeralda Lucatero

Ruby Muro

Sheenal Prasad

Isaiah Pomales


Alejandro Villanueva

Christiana Perez


Maria Barragan

Elissa Romero

Isaiah Brocks

Emma Sato

Steysi Lopez Escobar

Gabrielyn Kieh

Anaiya Henry

Diego Canizales

Monserrat Equihua

Ayanna Coleman Gullette

Brandon Lopez

JC DeGuzman

Armaan Dhaliwal

Velonika Fosita

Southgate Memories Essay Winners

Jose Romero

Marissa Omaque

Jori Sanchez


Rosa Olvera

Intrumental Music

Angela Perez

Southgate Cheer Squad

Homework Help

Homework can provide many benefits for children. It can improve memory and comprehension, develop study skills, and teach children how to manage time. You can help by making sure your kids have a quiet, well-lit place to do homework and provide assistance, but not complete answers. Learn how to help your kids with homework and succeed in school.

Box Tops for Education

The money earned from Box Tops for Education will go a long way in funding student field trips through-out the year. The Box Tops for Education Program, rewards parents, students and teachers for purchasing day to day products at your local grocery stores. These companies reward your loyalty by donating funds back to your child’s school.

On the top of many grocery products you’ll find a pink Box Top. Examples of products that have this logo are: Cereal, Kleenex, Ziploc, Granola Bars, Pillsbury Products, etc. If you cut out the Box Top and send it to school with your child we get 10 cents for every one! Make sure you cut them out along the dotted lines. Please do not cut off the expiration date. 

The class that brings in the most Box Tops by the end of the year earns an ICE CREAM PARTY!! So let’s get collecting! Any questions please see Mrs. Lopez.

Basketball Pictures

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Made in Hayward

Made in Hayward