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Special needs students at Southgate Elementary School in Hayward are stepping into the digital world thanks to a generous donation from Autism Yesterday and Today. On Monday, January 11th Southgate received ten personal mini iPads, ten protective cases, and one Mac computer for their teacher, one digital camera, and one color printer; a package valued of $8,000. “We are extremely grateful to Autism Yesterday and Today for this generous donation,” said Stan “Data” Dobbs Superintendent and CEO of The School District of Hayward. These computers will allow our students to expand their skills, explore new course material, and prepare for college and careers.”


The Autism Yesterday and Today (501c3 non-profit foundation) provides computers and technology for special needs classes in Bay Area public schools. Parents of an autistic child started the program 17 years ago to supply technology equipment to special education classrooms. “We want to make sure that the special need classes have an equal opportunity to learn and to make the most out of their learning potential,” says founder and parent Jessica Pincilotti. The classroom instructor will use the iPads to create new learning opportunities such as kinetic feedback tools that students can use to better connect with their emotions and learning styles. This is especially important to students with Autism and will greatly improve their success in the classroom and in life outside of school. 


From the bottom of our collective hearts Southgate says THANK YOU to the Autism Yesterday and Today Organization.  Thank you Superintendent/CEO Dobbs and Mayor Halliday for your support.



Movie Night 1/22

Movie Night 1/22

School Events

1/18—No School MLK Jr. Holiday

1/22—Movie Night, 6pm MPR

1/25-1/29—Mid Year Testing 3rd-6th gr.

1/26—School Site Council, 4pm Room 7

1/27—Site Based Decision Making Team Meeting, 3pm Room 25

2/1—4—Minimum Days,12:35pm Dismissal

2/5—No School (Professional Dev. Day)

2/8—Minimum Day, 12:35pm Dismissal

2/12—No School (Local Holiday)

2/15—No School (National Holiday) 



Brian White
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Mr. White

Mr. White

Parent Info

The next English Language Advisory Committee meeting will be held February 10th at 1:30pm in Room 8. We will be discuss the School Single Plan for Student Achievement and the District’s English Learner Master Plan, along with any parent concerns or announcements.  Thank you ELAC Board members Juana Villagomez (Chair), Celia Flores, Monica Godines, Jessica Rosales, Gloria Mancia, Rodolfo Castillo, Elizabeth Gonzalez and Brad Ward.


Southgate is offering English classes for parents interested in improving their abilities to speak and write in English. The classes are available to English learners of all ability levels. Currently we have classes offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-10:30am in Room 30.

The Hayward Public Library is also opening up their own version of a English language acquisition classes—teaching speaking, reading and writing in English for adult English learners. These classes will begin on January 27th at 12:30pm in Room 7.


The next School Site Council meeting will take place on January 26th at 4pm in Room 7. We will begin the brainstorming process on developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The SPSA is a very important document that governs and guides how we align school finances to support students learning. If you want to be apart of this very influential committee please be in attendance 1/26 at 4pm.


I would like to take the time to shout-out our diligent parents and staff member who are representing Southgate at the District level. These individuals sacrifice valuable hours weekly, to advocate and work with district officials to plan/strategize for the future of Southgate as well as the Hayward Unified School District.


Mark and Mahea Gaskins work with the district level in the African American Student Achievement Initiative. Teacher Ms. Marva McInnis is highly involved in AASAI as well as parent Mary Freeman. Mrs. Freeman is also Southgate’s district level representative, as a member of the LCAP Parent Committee. Mrs. Freeman’s daughter, Kimberly Freeman, represents Southgate as our Student Ambassador. Kimberly meets with district officials monthly and has development a student government here at Southgate. Kimberly’s Advisor is, teacher, Ms. LaDonna Dixon.


Jessica Rosales is also a very involved parent at Southgate. She is Southgate’s DELAC Representative—advocating for all English learner families. Mrs. Rosales has also taken on the role of being Southgate’s Parent Ambassador, In this capacity, she meets with district officials monthly to help develop policy/initiatives to further the work of the district.


I would also like to shout-out our PTA executive board Christina Carabello (president), Michelle Sinn, Jeff Sinn, Elilah Cumero, Veronica Herrera, Carly Tanaka-Lubensky and Andrea Trujillo. This board is doing a fabulous jon of fundraising, and providing fun activities for students and parents. Thank you. The next PTA meeting will be February 3rd 


1st Day Pics

Safari Display

Current & Former Grizzlies Honored

Congratulations to Kevin Go and Melany Flores for making Southgate shine once again. The former Grizzlies received Hayward’s highest academic honor, the Hall of Fame Rotary Scholar Award for earning perfect scores on the 2015 CAASPP Assessment in both English-Language Arts and Math. They also demonstrated perfect attendance and spotless behavior records during the 2014-15 school year.  Thank you Kevin and Melany for being such a great examples for all the younger Grizzlies.


Melany and Kevin join Reynaldo Muro Hernandez as Southgate students who have receive this prestigious award. There have only been 6 such distinguished award winners. Southgate students make up 3 of the 6 total award recipients. Go Grizzlies!!!!!!


Dylan Lostaunau, Neena Fajardo, and Jerney Nelson were also recently honor at our local School Board Meeting for their continual commitment to excellence here at Southgate.  Dylan is one of our highest performing 6th grade math students. Neena is one of our highest performing 6th grade English-language arts students. Jerney is one of our most involved students; helping others and providing leadership to all of the 6th grade.




Southgate also hosted its sister school from Funabashi, Japan on October 27th. It was a grand celebration of the amazing partnership Funabashi Elementary School and Southgate have developed over the years. Since 1986, Hayward has been exchanging friendship and culture with the city of Funabashi. Funabashi is located about one hour from Tokyo, Japan. Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Peabody, has been involved with this cultural exchange since it began and now has many friends there as a result. In 2012,


Southgate Elementary School began exchanging penpal letters with fourth graders at Funabashi Elementary School. Three sets of letters went back and forth across the world last year. This year, we plan to continue to send and receive photos and calligraphy from students at Funabashi Elementary. We received our first batch of letters last week and look forward to reading and responding. Who knows where this exchange of culture and friendship will lead? We are very excited to know that we have friends on the other side of the globe.

Funabashi Visit

Made in Hayward (Continued)

The mission of the Hayward Unified School District is to promote educational excellence by empowering students to become dynamic leaders in a global society. Our vision is that students be prepared, challenged and motivated in a 21st Century learning environment that develops the physical, intellectual and emotional success of all learners.

The city's Made in Hayward Campaign is all about ensuring the above mission and vision are reached and exceeded.

For more on Made in Hayward the following words are those of the founder of the Made in Hayward Campaign and leader of our school district Superintendent & CEO Stan Dobbs:

On behalf of the Board of Education and the staff of the Hayward Unified School District, I welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year. We are committed to preparing every student to be college and career ready at graduation. Together, we will maintain an environment that maximizes the academic, social, and emotional potential of every student as we educate a whole new generation of talented youth who are “Made in Hayward.” What does it mean to be “Made in Hayward?” Students who are “Made in Hayward” are focused and determined, courageous and tenacious in pursuit of their goals of higher education. Being “Made in Hayward” begins with being at school every day, for every lesson, learning with intention and enthusiasm. “Made in Hayward” students are productive and responsible citizens who care for one another and achieve together, making positive contributions to our community and the world. Becoming “Made in Hayward” doesn’t happen without the support, encouragement and engagement of parents, teachers, guardians, families and the community. Be sure to communicate with your child’s school, be as involved as you can with school activities, and continue to support their becoming a “Made in Hayward” graduate who is college and career ready. Together, we are part of educating more than 62,000 students each day and we are all proud to be “Made in Hayward.”

 made in hayward.jpg

Academics at Southgate

Over the years, I have boldly claimed Southgate is the best school in all of Hayward. I truly mean that. Not only do we have the safest campus, and the most welcoming environment, but now we have the standardized test scores to prove Southgate reigns supreme when it comes to student achievement. Led by our 3rd and 6th grades, Southgate students performed admirably on the 2015 CAASP Assessment. Our (2014-15) 3rd grade students were the highest performing students in mathematics within the district with an average scale score of 2440.3. Their score also exceeded the state and county averages of 2415.1 and 2432.6, respectively.


Southgate’s (2014-15) 6th grade  students were the highest performers within HUSD in Math and English—Language Arts. Our 6th graders’ average scale score in English-Language Arts was 2520.8, out-performing our academic rivals Stonebrae Elementary and Burbank Elementary 2506.0 and 2516. 4, respectively. In Math, our 6th grade had a average scale score of 2523.9, while Burbank scored 2504.7 and Stonebrae tallied an average of 2474.3. Our sixth grade Math and ELA scores were also well above the state average as well.  


In short, all of our grade levels did well compared to our district, county and state-wide contemporaries. We will continue with the great work this year. Thank you parents for your dedication; teachers for going above and beyond daily; and students for all your hard work. Congratulations 


As we ended the 2014 - 2015 school year, I would like to share with parents the rich recent history Southgate has had when it comes to End-of-the-Year assessments. Since 2010, Southgate has consistently performed within the Top 3 of all elementary schools in Hayward on End of the Year/Standardized Assessments. We plan this year to improve upon that tradition, as we strive for excellence. Below, you will find a synopsis of Southgate’s 2014 end of the year student achievement performance information in comparison to the rest of the Hayward Unified School District.


English Language Arts

In the spring of 2014, the Hayward Unified School District administered a summative assessment to all students 3rd-11th grade. Based upon the district's data, Southgate students 3rd - 6th grades met the district’s pre-determined standards for proficiency in English-Language Arts at a rate of 60.1%. The district percentage for proficiency in ELA based upon the summative assessment was 43.9%. Other schools within the same high school feeder pattern as Southgate performed at a 49% rate. Overall, Southgate performed 10% higher than the rest of the feeder pattern and 16% higher than the district as a whole.

In the spring of 2014, kindergarten students in HUSD took the Basic Phonics Skills Test. Based upon the results, 69.2% of Southgate kindergarten students met the proper proficiency level. Comparatively, only 31.8% of the kindergarten students district-wide met the predetermined proficiency standard, while 42.4% of the students attending other elementary schools within our feeder pattern are meeting the proficiency standard. At a glance, Southgate kindergarten students are performing 37.4% higher than the district average and almost 27% higher than it's neighboring schools. 

The Hayward Unified School District also administered a Reading Passages Assessment to all 1st and 2nd grade students. Based upon the results, 87.1% of Southgate 1st and 2nd grade students met the proficiency standards. District-wide, 74.9% of 1st and 2nd grade students performed proficiently on the assessment, while 81.4% of the 1st and 2nd graders attending our neighboring schools performed proficiently on the same assessment. Based upon the data, Southgate out-performed the district by 12% and its neighboring schools by 5.7%.


Last spring HUSD also administered a District Wide Math Test to monitor student progress and comply with state and federal accountability mandates. Based upon this 2014 math assessment, 65% of Southgate students (3rd-6th grade) met the predetermined district standards for proficiency. Comparatively, the district as a whole scored a proficiency level of 51.7%. The high school feeder pattern that Southgate belongs to performed at a proficiency level of 54.5%. 

Comparing Southgate to: 1) the district as a whole, 2) its three closest neighboring elementary schools, and 3) an elementary school within the district that annually ranks #1 or #2 in students’ achievement, Southgate performed reasonably well. Based upon the data, Southgate answered a higher percentage of correct answers in 17 of 20 categories of the multiple choice portion of the test. On the Written Response section of the assessment, Southgate outperformed the comparative groups in 19 of 20 categorize. 

Based upon data tabulated at the end of the 2013-14 school-year,

English Language Learners

These End of the Year assessments also affect the reclassification status of our students who are deemed English Learners. Based upon data since 2010 Southgate continues to reclassification a good percentage of students to English proficient each year.

Last year, Southgate reclassified 23.5% of it's English Language Learners. In comparison, The Hayward Unified School District reclassified 15.6% of HUSD ELL students, while Southgate's neighboring schools (High School Feeder Pattern) reclassified 18.9%. 

Based upon the data only 5.6% of Southgate ELL students are considered long term ELL students. In comparison, 18.9% of HUSD ELL students are considered long term ELL students, and 23.8% of our neighboring schools' ELL students are considered long term ELL students.

Southgate Elementary School was able to reclassify 38 students during the 2014-15 school year. That number is consistent with reclassification numbers since 2010. Southgate's yearly reclassification numbers consistently lands between the high 36 and low 42 per school year.


Great Pictures From Southgate

Home Reading Program

Our Home Reading Program will be off and running October 1st!  We could use your support to remind your students to read every night!  (At least, 15 minutes for grades K through 3 and 20 minutes for grades 4 through 6 for 25 days or more each month.) 

Students who reach their goal each month will earn a Pizza Certificate for a Personal Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut.  They will have an opportunity to receive 6 pizza certificates throughout the program, a passport to Reading and a sticker each month from Pizza Hut!
Students will also have a chance to be selected for Storytime each month here at Southgate. In addition, students will receive awards and prizes at the end of the school year for all their home reading efforts.

You can help kick off the Pizza Hut Book It Program with free Kindle books! This year you may visit and enter promo code BOOKITFREE to download new books with the FREE kindle app on any device. 

Students benefit in many ways when they participate in the Home Reading Program. Not only do they benefit from all the above awards but they become better readers, more confident in their reading, learn to enjoy reading and gain more knowledge in the process.

If you can volunteer any time to help with the Home Reading Program (just once a month), please call the office at 723-3905 and ask for Mrs. Louie.

Let’s help our students to become super readers this year and “Read their Hearts Out”!  Thank you for your support!


Made in Hayward Spotlight

In Hayward, we have a lot of reasons to be grateful. We are so very proud of our city and so proud to be Made in Hayward. Hayward is such a tradition-rich city, with many famous and influential people originating from this awesome place. Southgate is pleased to boast one of the next great individuals to call Hayward their home - second grade student Dania Silva. 

Dania Silva participated in the National & World Championships for Jui-Jitsu Martial Arts, this summer. The National Championship was held in Las Vegas, where Dania was crowned national champion. Dania then moved on to The World Championships in Ontario, CA where Dania brought home World Championship Gold. 


From the Desk of Mr. White

Happy New Year!!!!! I would like to wish all of you a prosperous 2016 filled with joy and love. I pray that you all experience good health and fortunate in the new year.

For me, this time of year is always a very thought-provoking period for me; a quiet time of reflection and planning. The culmination of the end/beginning of years, my birthday, and the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. force me to challenge myself. I ask myself, “Am I maximizing the talents and opportunities that I have been blessed with?” Am I living out Dr. King’s “Dream” to my fullest potential? Am I ensuring that Dr. King’s and other’s efforts were/are not in vain? Would I be making those who came before me proud? The question are not necessarily for me to answer for myself, but for me to use these questions as daily reminders of the moral imperative we have as adults to be positive role models for the children who watch us so closely. We must model dreaming big, planning to work, and then, working our plans, positive behavior, and respecting each other.

I challenge all in the Southgate community to dream big, plan out our dreams and not allow anything to get in the way of us achieving our dreams. As a Southgate community let’s continue to strive for excellence and uphold high standards for educating our youth. At Southgate we are truly raising future leaders and touching lives in positive ways.

As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday approaches, we stop to thank Dr. King and those who stood with him for their sacrifices and commitment to the betterment of our society. I am so grateful for those who fought during the civil rights movement, so that my generation and the generation we are raising are afforded all the opportunities to fulfill all their highest potential.    

January 25th marks the mid-year point for the academic calendar. We will be attacking the second half of the school year with the same effort and enthusiasm as we did during the first half  - if not, with even more zest and focus.

January 25th also marks the start of mid-year assessments. Please make sure your students have perfect attendance January 25th -29th. This a very important week of testing for our students, we know they will make us proud once again.

Due to testing, grading, professional development, and national holidays there will be some changes in the academic calendar: 

No School January 18th, February 5th, 12th and 15th. We have minimum days (12:35pm dismissal) on February 1st—4th and again on February 8th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you as you plan for daycare and pickups/drop-offs. Please know that these minimum days are being used to better our service and instruction for the Hayward Community.      




The Hayward Unified School District will be hosting Town Hall meetings during the months of January and February. The aim is to convey to the community to the current state of the Hayward Unified School District and its future plans/direction. The goal is also to get as much parental feedback as we possibly can to make the best decisions for our children and city. The information gathered will be used to develop HUSDs Local Control Accountability Plan or (LCAP). The LCAP is a three year plan that must include the district’s goals for all students and for each subgroup, and specific actions and strategies the district will use to achieve those goals.  Please participate in these Town Hall meetings. It is very important that we hear from you.


The first meeting is January 23rd at Dr. MLK Jr. Middle School at 10:30am. 


Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

LCFF is a new formula for funding education in California. LCFF provides a base of funds per pupil. Additional funding called Supplemental and Concentration funds are received based on the numbers of students who are learning English, low income or foster youth. A student meeting more than one of these criteria is counted only once and this is referred to as “unduplicated pupils”. Almost 80% of HUSD enrollment qualify as unduplicated pupils. The LCFF funding model will not be fully funded by the state until 2020-2021.


The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year plan that must include the district’s annual goals for all students and for each subgroup, and the specific actions and strategies the district will use to achieve those goals. The Board of Education must adopt the LCAP by June 30th of each year after consultation with parents, teachers, school personnel, students, and with the advice of a district-level parent advisory committee. The Annual Update is a report of progress, describing whether we accomplished our goals. The Hayward Unified School District Board of Education identified the following Board Priorities in the LCAP:

1) Financial and operational decisions will be driven by student success and district priorities and goals

2) All students graduate college and career ready

3) Create a safe and positive school climate 4

4) Engage students, families, staff and community to support student achievement and success

In the early spring parents will have the opportunity to attend Town Hall Meeting, to help revise our LCAP to fit the need of our community. 


At Southgate We:

Foster a warm, welcoming environment for all our families,

Build a foundation of confidence and culture of success,

Ensure high levels of student engagement in classrooms where instruction is multi-sensory and layered with all the necessary supports.

Mission Statement

In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills, and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.

Raising Leaders; Touching Lives

Southgate Elementary School has a philosophy and programs purposefully designed to meet the needs of students transitioning into adolescents.  We believe that all students should be exposed to comprehensive academic curriculum, guided by state and district standards .

All students participate in a rigorous academic program which maintains, reinforces and expands academic skills so all students can become productive, responsible, and compassionate citizens in our ever-changing community.

Southgate Cheer Squad

Homework Help

Homework can provide many benefits for children. It can improve memory and comprehension, develop study skills, and teach children how to manage time. You can help by making sure your kids have a quiet, well-lit place to do homework and provide assistance, but not complete answers. Learn how to help your kids with homework and succeed in school.

Box Tops for Education

The money earned from Box Tops for Education will go a long way in funding student field trips through-out the year. The Box Tops for Education Program, rewards parents, students and teachers for purchasing day to day products at your local grocery stores. These companies reward your loyalty by donating funds back to your child’s school.

On the top of many grocery products you’ll find a pink Box Top. Examples of products that have this logo are: Cereal, Kleenex, Ziploc, Granola Bars, Pillsbury Products, etc. If you cut out the Box Top and send it to school with your child we get 10 cents for every one! Make sure you cut them out along the dotted lines. Please do not cut off the expiration date. 

The class that brings in the most Box Tops by the end of the year earns an ICE CREAM PARTY!! So let’s get collecting! Any questions please see Mrs. Lopez.


The Southgate Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball teams are ready for another great year of exciting action. They tip-off Saturday January 23rd. The times, site and opponent are still to be determined at this time. Thank you to Coach Kevin Smith and Coach  Thomas Engram for their hard work and dedication in preparing the teams for the season.


January 23rd also marks the beginning of Cheer season. Thank you to Ruby Hall and Julie Creed, who, have worked so diligently this fall prepping the kids for the upcoming season. 


Southgate continues to host the Good News Club every Thursday in room 37 from 3pm –4pm.

We also have The Homework Support Center, which provides tutoring services Monday—Thursday in room 36. 

If you are interested in coaching soccer please contact the office. Soccer season begins shortly.


Basketball Pictures

Go Grizzlies