Common Core

As we move to the Common Core Standards, here are some resources to help you understand. 

Common Core Parent Guides from the National PTA

This a collection of brief guides what students are expected to learn in each grade.  Designed for parents, and helpful for teachers. 

Box Tops for Ed.


The money earned  Box Tops for Education will go a long way in funding student field trips through-out the year. The Box Tops for Education Program, rewards parents, students and teachers for purchasing day to day products at your local grocery stores. These companies reward your loyalty by donating funds back to your child’s school.


On the top of many grocery products you’ll find a pink Box Top. Examples of products that have this logo are: Cereal, Kleenex, Ziploc, Granola Bars, Pillsbury Products, etc. If you cut out the Box Top and send it to school with your child we get 10 cents for every one! Make sure you cut them out along the dotted lines. Please do not cut off the expiration date. 


The class that brings in the most Box Tops by the end of the year earns an ICE CREAM PARTY!! So let’s get collecting! Any questions please see Ms. Lopez.



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Southgate is...

We are dedicated to the continued pursuit of uplifting our community, building confidence in our students and developing a culture of success on campus – living by our Mission Statement… “In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.” The Southgate School staff is committed to HUSD’s vision that all students will be prepared, challenged and motivated in a 21st century learning environment that develops the physical, intellectual and emotional success of all learners. At Southgate, our philosophy and academic program is designed to meet the needs of each and every students within our community.


Southgate strives to be a pillar of strength in our community. We want excellence for our students and would like to provide as much support for our families as possible. Our goals remain steadfast. We plan to 1) be the highest performing school in the district and remain in that position, 2) surround our students and families with the support necessary to be successful, and 3) continue to build school spirit. 


The Southgate staff is committed to fostering healthy relationships with our parents.  In 2016-17, it will take parents and teachers working together to ensure OUR students reach their full potential. It has been proven that parent involvement is the most important factor in student success in school. It has also been proven that good attendance leads to improved classroom performance. Parents please remember good attendance is important to high student achievement. Please support us in making sure your student is at school daily.


We have many ways in which parents can get involved. We invite all parents to become members of our School Site Council, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), African American Parent Group, and/or volunteer in our Parent Center.

Mission Statement

In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills, and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.


Southgate Elementary School has a philosophy and programs purposefully designed to meet the needs of students transitioning into adolescents.  We believe that all students should be exposed to comprehensive academic curriculum, guided by state and district standardsAll students participate in a rigorous academic program which maintains, reinforces and expands academic skills so all students can become productive, responsible, and compassionate citizens in our ever-changing community.

From the Desk of Mr. White

As Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday came and went, we realize that Dr. King would have celebrated his 88th birthday, and the Civil Rights Act, he dedicated his life to pass, was signed 53 years ago. We pause to evaluate where we are; how far we’ve come; but also how far we have to go.


Friday January 27th marks the midway point of the school year. At this point in our year, we pause to reevaluate our goals, effort, and commitment to making Southgate the #1 school in the area. As I shared with our 5th and 6th grade classes earlier this week, an Olympic distance runner picks up his or her pace the second half of the race. They push themselves harder when they are the most tired. And right at the end of the race, when their bodies are fatigued, that’s when they kick into high gear for the final sprint to the finish line. That’s our charge; to pick up our pace, and prepare for the sprint down the homestretch. 


Like Dr. King, we must battle through adversity to achieve our ultimate goals. We want to thank Dr. King and those who stood with him for their sacrifices and commitments to the betterment of our society.  Their memory reminds us all of the moral imperative we have as adults to be positive role models for the children who watch us so closely.  I challenge myself and all of us in the Southgate community to dream big, plan out our dreams, and not allow anything to get in the way of us achieving our dreams. Let’s “Plan to Work and Work Your Plan.” As a Southgate community let’s continue to strive for excellence and uphold high standards for educating our youth. At Southgate we are truly raising future leaders and touching lives in positive ways.


February is Black History Month. Black History month is an important time of the year for all Americans. Sadly, many of the great accomplishments of African Americans are left out of our history books; and great black pioneers have been forgotten. This is the reason why it’s important to celebrate Black History Month.  Black History is important because it’s American History!!!!!!!  For example, did you know - the first successfully recorded open-heart (pericardium) surgery, to repair a wound, was performed by an African American doctor by the name of Dr. Daniel Hale in 1893. And the first African American aviators to serve in the military were the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II - over 70 years ago. Remember great individuals like, George Washington Carver, who took something as simple as peanuts and made foods, medicines, and other products that we continue to use today. In fact, you;ll find over 300 of those products in your local grocery store or hospital pharmacy.


African Americans’ influence on pop-culture is also evident. African Americans are now being credited for being innovators in Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop. African Americans are excelling in business, fashion, entertainment, sports, and medicine. African Americans have so much to be proud of. But we must continue to work even harder to uplift our community. It starts now; within each and every one of us. 


I am so grateful for those who have paved the way, so that my generation and the generation we are raising are afforded all the opportunities to fulfill all their highest potential. This is why the Southgate’s Mission Statement reads:  “ In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills, and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member of the Southgate Community.”

Million Father March

Parent Info

Our Parent Teacher Association will hold their next meeting on March 1st. The PTA is focused on school beautification, providing fun/educational activities for our community, and providing more play equipment & structures for our students at recess. This year a special emphasis will be placed on integrating technology and art to enrich our students. If you would like to be a part of these projects please come out and support. The next meeting is March 1st at 6pm in the MPR.


Southgate’s English  Language Advisory Committee will hold their next meeting Wednesday, March 8th. Our ELAC is a very involved group of  parents, who ensure our English Learners are receiving all the proper supports and accommodations that would allow equal access to the general curriculum. If you are a parent of an English Learner please join us on February 8th for our next meeting.  


The next School Site Council meeting will be Tuesday February 28th in room 25 at 4pm. The School Site Council plays an intricate role in developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The School Site Council also ensures all purchases made from federal or state funded resources are used appropriately.


If you would like to volunteer in classrooms or chaperone field trips, HUSD requires that you must be fingerprinted. Please come by the office and pick up a volunteer packet.


Students and Parents arriving on campus prior to 8:05am must wait in the Multi-Purpose Room until the 8:05am bell— unless parents are visiting the office or have an appointment with a teacher.

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings. The Hayward Unified School District is hosting a series of Town Hall meetings, beginning January 28th at 10am at Ochoa Middle School. The aim is to convey to the community to the current state of the Hayward Unified School District and its future plans/direction. The goal is also to get as much parental feedback as we possibly can, to make the best decisions we possibly can for our children and city.  The information gathered will be used to develop HUSD’s Local Control Accountability Plan or (LCAP). The LCAP is a three year plan that must include the district’s goals for all students, and for each subgroup. It also includes any specific actions and strategies the district will use to achieve those goals. Please participate in these Town Hall meetings.


The Town Hall meetings are scheduled for January 28th at Ochoa Middle school at 10am; February 6th at Schaefer Park; and February 23rd at Ruus.

Informing Our Parents

Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

LCFF is a new formula for funding education in California. LCFF provides a base of funds per pupil. Additional funding called Supplemental and Concentration funds are received based on the numbers of students who are learning English, low income or foster youth. A student meeting more than one of these criteria is counted only once and this is referred to as “unduplicated pupils”. Almost 80% of HUSD enrollment qualify as unduplicated pupils. The LCFF funding model will not be fully funded by the state until 2020-2021.



The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year plan that must include the district’s annual goals for all students and for each subgroup, and the specific actions and strategies the district will use to achieve those goals. The Board of Education must adopt the LCAP by June 30th of each year after consultation with parents, teachers, school personnel, students, and with the advice of a district-level parent advisory committee. The Annual Update is a report of progress, describing whether we accomplished our goals. The Hayward Unified School District Board of Education identified the following Board Priorities in the LCAP:

1) Financial and operational decisions will be driven by student success and district priorities and goals

2) All students graduate -  college and career ready

3) Create a safe and positive school climate

4) Engage students, families, staff and community to support student achievement and success

Great Pictures From Southgate

School Events

2/16 Spring Pictures

2/16 Chuck E Cheese Night

2/21 - 24, 2/27 Minimum Day, 12:45 Dismissal

3/31 Cesar Chavez Day, No School

4/7 Minimum Day, 12:45 Dismissal

4/10 - 14 Spring Recess

5/26 Minimum Day, 12:45 Dismissal

5/29 Memorial Day, No School

6/12 - 13 Minimum Day, 12:45 Dismissal

6/14 Last Day of School

At Southgate We:

Foster a warm, welcoming environment for all our families,

Build a foundation of confidence and culture of success,

Ensure high levels of student engagement in classrooms where instruction is multi-sensory and layered with all the necessary supports.

1st Day 2016

Student Info


The month of February is a very important month for testing. February 6th—17th, your student will be participating in a series of assessments that will give the teachers a clearer understanding of your student’s progression towards mastery of the Common Core Standards. Those tests include the district’s mid-year assessments in Math and English/ Language Arts (3rd-6th grades), the Basic Phonics Skills Test, and a reading passages assessment (K-2). Please do not schedule appointments for your students during school hours February 6th—17th. Southgate has 5 straight days of minimum days beginning February 21st-27th (12:45pm dismissal)—due to mid-year assessment scoring. 


Fire Up Your Feet

I would like to send a major shout-out to Mrs. Freels and her class who took on the tremendous task of entering Southgate into the Fire of Your Feet nationally contest. Out of 3,400 school participating nationwide, Southgate earned a regional 2nd place prize of $1,500, which will be used to purchase additional playground equipment for students.


Fire Up Your Feet Program focuses on inspiring students to be more active. Fire Up Your Feet is an online program that tracks students physical fitness activities in and out of school. Southgate is tallying the amount of minutes students spent walking/biking to & from school, and the amount of time students play before, during and after-school. The time spend engaging in physical activities is calculated and ranked among other school across the US. Prizes are granted at various times throughout the school year. These prizes include brand new play structures and playground equipment.  


Dania Silva

The Month of February is an especially big month for one of our shining stars at Southgate, Dania Silva, who prepares for the Ju Jitsu National Championships later this month. Dania is the Defending World Champion for her age-group and weight-class. Good luck, we know you will make us proud!!!!!


Cheerleading & Basketball

Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball season’s have begun. The Boy’s team is off to a hot start with a victory over Creekside Middle School’s 6th grade team last Saturday. The Southgate Boy’s face off against Palma Ceia on Saturday January 28th at 2:30pm. The Lady Grizzly Basketball Team will also be in action this coming Saturday at 10:30am as they take on Treeview Elementary School. All games will be played at Sunset Gymnasium at 22100 Princeton Street in Hayward. 


Also practices continue for cheerleading. Students interested in cheerleading (K—6th grade) please contact Ruby Hall at rubyaudra14@gmail.com or 510 688 3232.  

Basketball Pics

Southgate Cheer Squad