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Grizzlies are:

We are dedicated to the continued pursuit of uplifting our community, building confidence in our students and developing a culture of success on campus – living by our Mission Statement… “In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.” The Southgate School staff is committed to HUSD’s vision that all students will be prepared, challenged and motivated in a 21st century learning environment that develops the physical, intellectual and emotional success of all learners. At Southgate, our philosophy and academic program is designed to meet the needs of each and every students within our community.

Southgate strives to be a pillar of strength in our community. We want excellence for our students and would like to provide as much support for our families as possible. Our goals remain steadfast. We plan to 1) be the highest performing school in the district and remain in that position, 2) surround our students and families with the support necessary to be successful, and 3) continue to build school spirit. 

The Southgate staff is committed to fostering healthy relationships with our parents.  In 2016-17, it will take parents and teachers working together to ensure OUR students reach their full potential. It has been proven that parent involvement is the most important factor in student success in school. It has also been proven that good attendance leads to improved classroom performance. Parents please remember good attendance is important to high student achievement. Please support us in making sure your student is at school daily.

We have many ways in which parents can get involved. We invite all parents to become members of our School Site Council, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), African American Parent Group, and/or volunteer in our Parent Center.

World Champion

Dania Silva

HAYWARD — At 9 years old, Dania Silva is near the top of her game.

Last year, the Southgate Elementary fourth-grader was ranked as the top Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter in the world for her age group after beating out competitors from as far away as the United Kingdom. This year, Dania is ranked No. 4 among other 10-year-old fighters in her age division worldwide and competing against those who are up to two years older in close to half of her competitions.

“Sometimes I think about it, but sometimes I leave it alone and be humble,” Dania said Monday in an interview at Z Martial Arts Training Academy in Castro Valley, where she trains four to five days a week for two or three hours a day.

“We don’t really focus on that; it does drive you, though, when you see your name up there and lets you know that you can do it,” Dania’s father, Sergio Silva, said.

“I like to show them that all of this hard effort is paying off, and I think that’s what motivates us to keep on practicing jiu-jitsu. There’s a lot of kids who do the sport for one or two years and then disappear because it gets very hard. If you do it for self-defense, a lot of kids will last a long time, but when you start getting into the competitions, you’re going against super athletes and competing to win stuff, so it gets very demanding,” he said.

The journey to the top actually began when Dania began practicing taekwondo, another martial arts sport, at age 3 while her family was still living in Tijuana, Mexico. She and her older brother Leo, now 14, were introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu by a cousin shortly after they immigrated to Hayward in 2013.

While taekwondo focuses on kicking and jumping techniques, jiu-jitsu is a combat sport that concentrates primarily on grappling and ground-fighting techniques.

“I liked (taekowndo) and it was fun, but I thought jiu-jitsu was more fun and better because I could defend myself,” Dania said.

“In taekwondo, we only did kicks and punches, but here, there’s more moves and cooler stuff to do,” she said.

But working her way up the ranks wasn’t easy, and at times resulted in a few bloody lips and bruises since she started competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments about three years ago, Sergio Silva said. For nearly a year and a half, he recalled that Dania would cry before she entered tournaments.

“I didn’t want to compete because I didn’t think I was ready. I thought I would have done something like karate and stuff, and would get out of the tournament,” Dania said.

“She would say, ‘I’m just going to tap the other girl out and get it over with,’ and I think that’s how she got her finesse,” said her father, who began his jiu-jitsu training two years ago.

“She was just so scared but she just wanted to enter, compete and be like, ‘You know what, I’m just going to get it over with,’ ” he said.

But the thought of competing against other fighters doesn’t phase her as much anymore. She now holds a yellow belt after working her way up from the white and gray belts. The remaining belts, symbolizing skill levels, for youth fighters up to 15 years old, are orange and green.

These days, her mindset is focused on her other things, such as the banner hanging above the training area at Z Martial Arts Training Academy; it’s a maxim, attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, that reads: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

“I keep it in my mind, and every time I step on the mat, I read it to know to never cry and stand up for yourself,” Dania said.

In more recent years, Dania and her brother Leo have competed in top U.S. tournaments for kids, including the Kids World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships in Long Beach and American National Kids International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Jiu-Jitsu Championships, along with stops at other local bouts in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.

“I know it’s going to get tougher, and they’re going to try and get me, so I’m going to have to train harder,” Dania said.

Still, the jiu-jitsu community has proven to be a supportive and tightly knit for the Silvas, who have started to compete in the same tournaments together, albeit in different age groups. The youngest Silva sibling, Julyana, 6, is still training and holding back from competing, at least for now.

Apart from her rigorous training routine, some of Dania’s success can be attributed to the family’s schedule at home, which includes only about 30 or 40 minutes set aside for watching television during the week, Silva said.

“It becomes natural over time because we know we have jiu-jitsu for two or three hours a day and we always have to do homework no matter what, so they (the kids) feed off of each other: The big brother helps the middle sister, and she will help the youngest one,” he said.

“I’m pretty much the enforcer, which means making sure everything gets done before the night ends, making sure they have their dinner and all of that, but I kind of let them help each other out and play their role,” he said.




Brian White
26601 Calaroga Ave
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After careful consideration, the Hayward Unified School District has decided to close all schools, district buildings, and after-school programs due to poor air quality on Friday, November 16.


Schools are scheduled to reopen after Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 26. The decision to close schools was made after carefully reviewing recommendations from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and considering the ongoing pattern of increasingly unhealthy air quality. Due to the ongoing health risks that this unprecedented situation has presented for students and staff, HUSD collaborated with the Alameda County Office of Education to make the decision to close schools.


We appreciate your patience and your adaptability during this challenging time. We understand that the decision to close schools may create a difficult situation for many families. If needed, HUSD will provide lunch from 10-1pm at Tyrrell Elementary located at 2700 Tyrrell Avenue in Hayward.


As we struggle with the poor air quality in our local community, we are reminded that the wildfires in Butte County have devastated the lives of people in Butte County. Our hearts go out to those people most directly impacted by this crisis. If you’re interested in helping the schools in Butte County, please visit the Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund.




Después de bastante consideración, el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Hayward ha decidido cerrar todas las escuelas debido a la mala calidad del aire mañana, viernes 16 de noviembre. Estoy incluye todas las escuelas, edificios del distrito, y programas de despues de escuela.

Las escuelas están programadas por abrir después del descanso de Acción de Gracias el lunes 26 de noviembre. La decisión de cerrar las escuelas se tomó después de revisar cuidadosamente las recomendaciones del Distrito de Administración de la Calidad del Aire del Área de la Bahía y consideramos los dias continuos de aire contaminado. Debido a los riesgos ha la salud que esta situación sin precedentes ha presentado para los estudiantes y el personal, HUSD colaboró ​​con la Oficina de Educación del Condado de Alameda para tomar la decisión de cerrar las escuelas.

Apreciamos su paciencia y su adaptabilidad durante este tiempo difícil. Entendemos que la decisión de cerrar las escuelas puede crear una situación difícil. Si es necesario, el distrito tendra almuerzo disponible en la escuela Tyrrell en el 2700 Tyrrell Ave. en Hayward.

Mientras apoyamos a nuestra comunidad con esta situación de mala calidad del aire, recordamos que los incendios forestales en el Condado de Butte han devastado las vidas de las personas en el Condado de Butte. Nuestros pensamientos y mejores deseos están con las personas más directamente afectadas por esta crisis. Si está interesado en ayudar a las escuelas del Condado de Butte, visite el Fondo de Ayuda contra Incendios de las Escuelas del Condado de Butte.



Mission Statement

In a caring culture of success, the Southgate community motivates, inspires, develops skills, and builds confidence to awaken the highest potential in every member.


Southgate Elementary School has a philosophy and programs purposefully designed to meet the needs of students transitioning into adolescents.  We believe that all students should be exposed to comprehensive academic curriculum, guided by state and district standardsAll students participate in a rigorous academic program which maintains, reinforces and expands academic skills so all students can become productive, responsible, and compassionate citizens in our ever-changing community.

Southgate Accepts Distinguished School Award & City of Hayward 1st Place Earth Day Essay Winners

From the Desk of Mr. White

On April 2, 2018 California Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson announced that Southgate Elementary School is a 2018 Gold Ribbon Distinguished School Award Recipient. Only 21 schools in the entire Alameda County received this honor.

The Distinguished School Award, known last year as the Gold Ribbon School Award, recognizes schools that have made significant gains in implementing the academic content and performance standards adopted by the State Board of Education, including standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, California English Language Development Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards. 

I am very happy for the teachers, students and community. This is an awesome honor. This award recognition is a direct reflection of the trusting collaborative relationship that has developed between the parent community and our teachers. Our students should be very proud of their accomplishments. I congratulate the the Southgate students for their stick-to-it-ive-ness, hardwork and eagerness to learn.  I am also grateful for the support of our district leadership and parent community, who have been instrumental in helping Southgate develop a culture of confidence and success. Without their backing, the Gold Ribbon Distinguished School Award is unattainable. I sincerely thank the entire Southgate Community - it takes a village. But our work is not over - it's only begun. Southgate will not stop until 100% of our students are meeting or exceeding the standards on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

Other Honors 

Recently, Southgate was informed that it receive an Excellence in Education Award from the publication Innovative School for their student achievement, specifically in the area of supporting the learning of our socioeconomically disadvantaged students and Hispanic students. The awards ceremony will take place on April 28th. 

African American & Latino Recognition Nights 

The African American Regional Education Alliance Awards (AAREA) are this weekend (APRIL 22ND 1PM-3PM) at Chabot College. We have several students being honored at this event for their academic achievement, leadership, community services and artistic expression. Those students are Jermaine Collins, Malaika David Bennett, Kylie Freeman and Mark Gaskins.

All the above names plus many more will be honored at the Hayward Unified School District’s African American Recognition Night on Friday April 27th at 5:30pm.  These students will honored for their academic excellence and performance on the CAASPP Assessment. The Southgate honorees are:  Aaliyah Millington Lynch, Allanah Millington Lynch, Brielle Taylor, Jermaine Collins, Malaika David Bennett, Kylie Freeman Lelanie Brown, Jada Esty, Cirenyti Kamai, Typhani Kamai, Jeannell Kamolo, Noah Moran, Hafsatu Savage, Monty Turner and Mark Gaskins.

HUSD also is hosting it’s annual Latino Recognition Night on Tuesday May 8th 5:30pm. Southgate is proud to say we have 13 award winners. The criteria for this honor is very daunting. Honorees must be 6th graders, who received 19 + marks on their 2nd Trimester Report Card and Exceeded the Standard on the CAASPP in either English-Language Arts or Math. I want to send a heartfelt congratulations out to the following students: Ximena Cruz Flores, Andrea Garduno Franco, Sarah Hernandez, Rafael Jaimez, Marlen Palos, Sofia Raygoza, Abraham Luevano, Juan Salcedo, Alexa Sanchez, Esteban Sanchez Fregoso, Maiya Toulze, Issamar Villagomez, and Galilea Vallalte. Thank you, continue to make the Southgate community shine.    


Student Achievement 

We all should be very proud of our 2017 CAASPP Assessment Scores. We have shown much growth over the past seven years.  Southgate has been honored by our local School Board and City Council and now has the distinct pleasure of honoring two of our best and brightest students Joel Almodovar and Alyannah Mabana who are this year's Hayward Rotary Club Rotary Scholar Award Recipients for receiving perfect scores on the 2017 CAASPP Assessment. 

Joel is an intelligent student who always does his best.  He is an English Learner and was reclassified as English proficient after only one year in school  Joel exceeds the standards every year on the CAASPP test.  His teachers describe him as an excellent student who is respectful and a leader.  He is a valued member of the Southgate family and we are all proud of Joel’s academic excellence!

Alyannah Mabana is a kind and thoughtful student who excels in all areas.  Her teachers say she is an inspiration to her classmates.  She brings her knowledge from her home life and shares it at school which enriches the other students in her class.  She is inquisitive, artistic, and always has a positive attitude.  Alyannah always has a smile on her face.  She continues to make Southgate shine!

In the 2010-11 school year, Southgate was rated as the #7 school out of 32 schools in the district based upon API scores. But by the end of the 2011-12, we had moved to #3, then vaulted to the #1 rated school by the 2015-16 school year. We currently rank as the highest performing elementary school in the district in both ELA and Math. Southgate’s academic acumen has continued to ascend in the CAASPP era of California education, boasting some of the highest levels of growth over a three-year span in the state. Since the onset of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, in 2015, Southgate Elementary School has grown 21 percentage points in English Language Arts (38% to 59%) and 17% in Math (35% to 52%). In comparison, from 2015-2017, the rest of the Hayward Unified School District only grew 4% in English Language Arts and 3% in Math. In that same span, the State and County (Alameda) only grew 5% and 3%, respectively, in both English Language Arts and Math. Currently, Southgate is outperforming the entire state in English Language Arts by 10%, the entire county by 4% and the rest of the Hayward Unified School District by 23%.

In Mathematics, Southgate is outperforming the State by 14%, the county by 5% and the district by 28%. Currently, Southgate sits 16% (59% to 43%) higher than the second highest rated school in the district in English Language Arts; and Mathematics. meaning we serve the same exact community and demographic, however, we still out-perform those schools by 16% or more in English Language Arts and 21% or more in Mathematics. We have also taken great pride in supporting students who are traditionally deemed as “underserved.” In 2016, Southgate was honored by the publication Innovative Public Schools. Out of 1,211 school in the Bay Area, Innovative Public Schools documented that only 47 schools met or exceeded the standards on the CAASPP for “underserved” students – Southgate was one of those schools. When taking a deeper dive into the data Southgate was rated the 6th highest performing school for African American students out of 1,211 Bay Area Schools. 

Great Pictures From Southgate

Parent Info

School Site Council—We will be holding our next School Site Council Planning Session for the 2018-19 school year on May 15th at 3:30pm in room 7 here at Southgate. It is imperative that we have many parents come to this meeting. The School Site Council plays an intricate role in developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The School Site Council also ensures all purchases made from federal or state funded resources are used appropriately. If you have the time please join us. I really need to hear from parents in regards to what our students need to be successful.   

Our next Parent Teacher Association meeting will be May 16th at 6pm in the MPR. The PTA is focused on school beautification, providing fun/educational activities for our community, and providing more play equipment & structures for our students during recess. This year a special emphasis will be placed on improving the work environment for the students and assisting in integrating technology and art to enrich our students.

Our next ELAC Meeting will be May 18th at 8:30pm in Room 30. Our ELAC is a very involved group of  parents, who ensure our English Learners are receiving all the proper supports and accommodations that would allow equal access to the general curriculum.  If you would like to be a part of these projects please come out and support.


Coffee with the Principal

Friday May 25th 


In Room 30

Pics from Soul Shoppe

Southgate's Partnership With Soul Shoppe

Soul Shoppe has been working actively in schools for the last seven years and is created by founders Joseph Savage and Vicki Abadesco who are seasoned educators with over 30 years of experience working with youth and adults. 

Soul Shoppe provides interactive assembly programs that teaches students important skills to support them academically and emotionally through life. The skills will focus on problem-solving, conflict resolution, creating a community of learning and growth and defining and internalizing the character traits that create great communities and citizens. Throughout the year, we will have grade level workshops focused on a particular character trait.  Soul Shoppe will also conduct a school-wide anti-bully assembly and “Do Your Best” program. Soul provides two parent training events and two teacher in-services.

The services Soul Shoppe provide are in alignment with current HUSD Board Goals and Southgate School's SPSA. Which promote safe, welcoming and inclusive schools.

The purpose of this program is to develop common language/practice around behavior expectation and behavior modification. The desired outcomes for students are: 1) reduced classroom disruptions due to behavior, 2) help students gain the ability to communicate feelings - instead of acting out, 3) for students to develop the confidence to advocate for themselves, and 4) decrease bullying behaviors on campus. The desired outcomes for teachers are: 1) to increase classroom management strategies, 2) to develop a better rapport with parents and students, and 3) to gain the skills to communicate in a more relevant/effective way with their students.

The objectives for the program:

  • Creating Optimal Learning Environments: A foundation of Respect
  • Personal Empowerment: Awareness around choices we make
  • Skill Building: To navigate life powerfully
  • Community Enhancement: Promote empathy and high level of functioning for all
  • Joyful Living: Encourage a sense of freedom in all we do

School Events

8/13 & 8/14 - Packet Pick Up

8/20 &8/21 - Packet Return

8/24 - TK/Kindergarten Visit @ 2:00pm

8/27 - Million Father March @ 8:00am

8/27 - First Day of School, School begins @ 8:15pm

8/27 - 9/14 - Minimum Days for TK/K Students, 11:55 Dismissal

8/31 - Minimum Day, Grades 1-6, 12:45 Dismissal

9/3 - No School, Labor Day

9/19 - Open House, MPR @ 6:30pm

9/19, 9/20 & 9/21 - Book Fair, Library, Room 25

Earth Day Essay Contest Winners

On Tuesday April 17, three Southgate students were honored by the Mayor Halliday and the Hayward City Council for their participation in the city’s Earth Day Poster and Writing Contest. First graders Heba Jarro and Deon Joiner placed 1st and 2nd, respectively, in their division in writing. While, 5th grader, Aileen Duong was recognized recognized for the second time in her Southgate career by the mayor for her 1st place finish in her category. Congratulations Heba, Deon and Ailene. You make us all so very proud.


Grizzly Pics

At Southgate We:

Foster a warm, welcoming environment for all our families,

Build a foundation of confidence and culture of success,

Ensure high levels of student engagement in classrooms where instruction is multi-sensory and layered with all the necessary supports.

Free Lunch Application


1st Day of School


Earth Day Volunteers At Southgate

Earth Day Activities

Southgate had a big Earth Day Weekend. Our Gardening and Science Clubs led  by Mrs. Nand and Mrs. Reddy, along with our friends from Satya Sai Baba Center of Fremont led school beautification and gardening efforts on Saturday April 21st. Our Volunteer Club led by Mrs Garcia and 3rd grade student, Ashley Sinn, met at Southgate on Sunday April 22nd for more Earth Day Activities - collective bio-wastes and recycling. 


Box Tops for Ed.


The money earned  Box Tops for Education will go a long way in funding student field trips through-out the year. The Box Tops for Education Program, rewards parents, students and teachers for purchasing day to day products at your local grocery stores. These companies reward your loyalty by donating funds back to your child’s school.


On the top of many grocery products you’ll find a pink Box Top. Examples of products that have this logo are: Cereal, Kleenex, Ziploc, Granola Bars, Pillsbury Products, etc. If you cut out the Box Top and send it to school with your child we get 10 cents for every one! Make sure you cut them out along the dotted lines. Please do not cut off the expiration date. 


The class that brings in the most Box Tops by the end of the year earns an ICE CREAM PARTY!! So let’s get collecting! Any questions please see Ms. Lopez.

Home of Happy Students

Common Core

As we move to the Common Core Standards, here are some resources to help you understand. 

Common Core Parent Guides from the National PTA

This a collection of brief guides what students are expected to learn in each grade.  Designed for parents, and helpful for teachers.